Our 2023 summer fundraising is now underway, starting with a huge yard sale hosted at Dumfries Maples, and organized by Diane Upshall. Thank you to Diane and Team! Our Directors will be making their way around the lake to hand out pamphlets to let you know about upcoming events and what we fundraise for. There is also information on how to donate, should you wish to help. Every donation will get you a free Davidson Lake Directory! If you’re not at your camp, the info is below. Thank you in advance for considering of your donations

How can you donate?

We now take e-transfer and you can send your donation to: davidsonlakenb@gmail.com . Please use the password Davidson, or be sure to let us know your password of choice.  Or, contact us at the same email to arrange cash or check drop off.

Member Events

Annual General Meeting

On July 8th  at 10:30 am, we will be hosting our Annual General Meeting., at the Sandy Cove Bible Camp.  This is an opportunity for you to raise any questions or comments and hear directly from your Association on the status of our initiatives.

Annual Hot Dog Social

Following the AGM, we will be hosting our 2nd annual Hot Dog Social, sponsored by Sandy Cove Bible Camp.  where you canmeet your neighbours  and enjoy a complementary lunch.  This is also our annual fundraising. Everyone that donates before or during this event will be entered into a draw for prizes. Thank you to the Sandy Cove Bible Camp for their generous hospitality!

Annual Corn Boil

In August we help sponsor an annual Corn Boil in memory of one of our past residents.  There will be live music, friendship and another opportunity to meet members of your community.  Details will be shared as the event gets closer.

Our Initiatives

Road Maintenance

Our roads are maintained byyour donations only.  The work we do includes grading, culvert repair and replacement, and annual clearing to prepare for snow removal.

Garbage and Recycle Shed

These sheds are maintained by your donations to the association.  The sheds allow garbage to be centralized, it and helps keep animals away from rummaging though garbage bags and creating a mess.  Thank you for helping us work together to keep these structures clean and tidy.

NBALA Membership

Your association belongs to the Alliance of Lake Associations (NBALA).  Our paid membership allows us to join several lakes in the area to have a solid voice with the Province.  With our partners,, we’ve been able to establish the Clean, Drain, Dry program, the Invasive Plant Patrol, and the purchase of equipment for water testing.  This year, we will be receiving a report summarizing the water testing data of our lake collected over the past eight years.  This report will provide a summary of the condition of our lake and a comparison of Davidson Lake to eight other lakes in the area.  To date, there have been no major concerns and that is thanks to your continued efforts to use phosphate free and organic products.

Weekend Activities

Last year we launched weekend nature activities for the young, and young at heart.  Currently, there are 3 planned dates:  July 8, July 29 and August 19.  If anyone has any ideas or would like to offer an education session, please let us know!