The Neighbourhood Watch program helps deter outside intruders who often prey on seasonal cottages. The program consists of several year round residents, who are watching out for neighbours properties and activities related to property damage or theft around the Lake.   If you plan to be away for an extended period, or are a summer resident who is concerned about your property, please reach out to us at to have someone do periodic walk-abouts.  This won’t eliminate the possibility, but will have someone keeping an eye out.

It is important that folks have a means of reporting suspicious behavior, irregular activities and the like. The program is not designed to replace current law enforcement agencies but to complement their efforts in protecting our properties through being the eyes and ears of our community.  For immediate response in situations such as a crime in progress, suspicious person(s) or loud parties, please contact the RCMP directly at 506 357-4300 or 911.

For Animal calls,  i.e. dogs at large, dog bites, stray cats etc  please contact the New Brunswick SPCA at 1-877-722-1522 where an Animal Control Officer for the area will be assigned to the call.

For any other concerns, such as environmental, health or otherwise, please contact the governing body.  Links to those contacts can be found here.

“ Together we can make our lake safer”