The Garbage Shed and Recycle Shed are located at the end of Carlin Lane.  During the summer months, there is also a dumpster available mid-point of Sandy Cove Lane.

Garbage Shed:

They are for all people on the lake – please take a few moments to read through and understand what we can and can’t leave there.  Illegal dumping affects all of us.  If you have large items, please call 575-2927 to arrange pickup – or participate in one of our large item pick up days, this year on June 6th and August 29th.  Large items cannot be  picked up if left at the garbage shed.

Garbage should be left in closed black garbage bags.  White “Kitchen Catchers, boxes, grocery bags or any loose articles cannot be picked up, due to the safety of our garbage collectors.

Any illegal dumping can be reported directly to the RCMP at 1-800-222-8477.

Recycle Shed:

Place all recycles in their proper location – Grey on the left and Blue on the right. All recycles must be bagged in blue or clear bags or cardboard can be bundled and tied. No loose materials. Absolutely no garbage. Please follow the recycle guidelines laid out by the province. More information can be found at

Garbage Dumpster:

During the summer months, a garbage dumpster can be found on Sandy Cove Lane.  The purpose of this is to help residents along this road maintain easier access to collection services, as well as reduce the amount of garbage left at the shed.  Please ensure that everything goes in the dumpster and isn’t left around the grounds loose articles will not be picked up.