Meeting Minutes


Davidson Lake Association

Board of Directors’ Zoom Virtual Meeting

June 10, 2021


Chelsea Whidden

Dan Debow

Aunden Rae

Mike Gardner

Arnie Wilkins

Claude Tremblay

Ken Donald

Megan Wilkins

Andy Morton

Roger Schwartz

Janet Morton

John Prime

Jeanne Sayer

Derek Ogden

A Davidson Lake Association (DLA) Board of Directors’ Zoom Virtual Meeting was held on Thursday, June 10, 2021 at 7 p.m. 

Approval of Minutes

Motion:  Claude moved that the minutes of the May 20, 2021 Board of Directors’ meeting be adopted as circulated.  Roger seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

New Brunswick Alliance of Lake Associations (NBALA) News

Arnie reported that most of the funding from the Environmental Trust Fund grant has been approved.  

The data logger will be going in the lake soon.

Invasive Plant Program – Videos have been prepared and there is also more work to be done which has been on hold due to COVID.

The boat pressure washer and trailer have arrived and priority will be given to bass tournaments.

Ken will see if we can work out a deal with Nicholson’s Waste Management to pump out septic systems 2 times/year at a reduced rate. 

Arnie will follow up on the 4’x8’ sign, (Clean, Drain Dry) for the main landing at the lake which has also been delayed due to COVID.

Neighbourhood Watch

Claude reported that the decals have been ordered and should arrive early next week.    He would like to have email addresses and phone numbers for the block captains. 


The directory is ready and Claude will take it to be printed.

A discussion took place about having e-mail addresses and phone numbers appear in the directory.  It was suggested that people be asked if they would agree and be comfortable in providing their e-mail addresses and phone number for the directory.


Cards may not be issued this year as many people do not care if they get one and also the membership includes a directory.  Ken would like to see more localization when it comes to collecting so that more canvassers would collect on shorter stretches.  General consensus was that this would be a good idea as per 2020 accountability for the collections will remain with the assigned canvasser.  When asked about the suggested donation of $100 for the road, he said that if everyone would give then the suggested donation would be $50 but since that is not the case, it will remain at $100.

Garbage/Recycle Sheds

A discussion took place about how to keep the Recycle shed in operation as it is being misused and about to lose the service.  One of the suggestions was to lock it up during the summer months.  It was decided to give it one last try and if that doesn’t work it will be discontinued.

Crownland / Protected Natural Area (PNA)

Andy has looked on the Dept. of Natural Resources site and there have been no updates. He will keep checking.

Spring Projects

The dock sections have been installed for the crossing at the west end of the lake.  The same day, John cleared almost all of the trail and has a bit more to do.

There is more cleanup do be done along the new section of trail along Davidson Brook.  Megan thinks that Vance Jeffries will be able to get to it before long.  Ken will help him and will need help in clearing away the debris.

Cleanup of the roads – Andy stated that he was in touch with Aunden and it was felt that it is too late in the season to do this as much of the foliage is now covering a lot of the garbage along the roads.  It was decided to post a message on the Facebook site asking people to take a garbage bag when they go for a walk and pick up any that they see on their way. 

The Zoom meeting ended at 7:40 p.m.

Date for the Annual General Meeting will be dependent on lifting of COVID restrictions.

Janet Morton



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  1. Fred Hughes

    What ever happened to Bill & Iris at the canteen? I remember walking over there along the lake to watch the most crummy movies on planet earth! But we loved it. The french fries. Oh they were so good. Cup after little cup of them, soaked with vinegar. And the walk back to the cove stumbling along, giggling and just being stupid little kids. Our flashlight going dim with each step until we arrived back at camp. My Nana would always be there waiting for me with a fresh batch of pop corn. With melted butter. What a beautiful little lake. I was probably 12-14 years old. Little did I know that in four or five years I would be in Vietnam spending many nights longing for that little lake. And those french fries!

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