Committee Minutes


Davidson Lake Association

Board of Directors’ Meeting

September 19, 2019

Dumfries, NB

Attendees:  John Prime, Lyle Saunders, Aunden Rae, Greg Gallagher, Ken Donald, Dan Debow, Andy Morton, Claude Tremblay, Roger Schwartz, Janet Morton


A Davidson Lake Association (DLA) Board of Directors’ Meeting was held on Thursday, September 19, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. at the Dumfries Fire Hall.

Approval of Minutes

Motion: Greg moved that the minutes of the June 20, 2019 Board of Directors’ meeting be adopted as circulated. John seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Motion: Andy moved that the minutes of the July 13, 2019 Davidson Lake Association Annual General Meeting be approved as circulated. Roger seconded the motion. Motion carried.

New Director

Ken welcomed our new Director, Dan Debow, and introduced him to the group.

Water Quality

Ken stated that he and Arnie plan to attend a lake level management meeting with Dept. of Environment to be held this coming Monday. An extension has been granted to September 30 th for the removal of the lake leveler.

Our Invasive Species Program has been delayed until next summer to allow us to properly prepare materials and reporting system.


Ken requested the Directors to please provide him with any changes to the directory that they may have.

Garbage/Recycle Sheds

Ken reported that siding has been installed on the garbage/recycle sheds and looks good.

There is still an issue regarding proper sorting of recycled items with paper products (Grey) being mixed with recyclable plastics (Blue). Ken will post information of the proper disposal of recyclable material on both the outside and inside of the shed doors.

Crownland Protected Natural Area (PNA)

Ken received a reply to a letter sent to the Hon. Mike Holland, Minister of Energy & Resource Development to extend PNA 166 to include the corridor along the outlet of the lake. While no direct action is imminent, the Minister expressed positive interest in expanding the Pokiok

Stream PNA.

Trail Projects

The trail is in very good condition except for one section of boardwalk which will be replaced next year.

Claude suggested that the DLA budget some funds for trail projects. All present were in agreement.

Road Committees

Ken stated that a fall grading has been scheduled. Some stretches need ditching with the grader.

A culvert needs to be replaced on Carlin Lane.

It was agreed that there needs to be some funds set aside for emergency repairs.

New Business

Camera It was felt that there is a need at times to have a camera installed near the garbage/recycle shed to deter illegal dumping and acts of vandalism. Andy moved that we purchase a trail camera at a cost not to exceed $150. Lyle seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Water Testing Dan reported that he and his son have been out with Arnie to perform water testing and plans to go again this fall. Next year he and his son plan to do the testing on their own.

AGM Follow up Meeting Ken asked whether or not the group felt it necessary to have a follow up meeting sooner than the September Bd. of Directors meeting. A decision was deferred until the next meeting.

Finance Claude has agreed to develop some new processes for the two road committee accounts as well as the general DLA account.

Data Collection John and Ken took water level measurements and the levels and found the fluctuation was about 3 vertical inches throughout the summer.

Next Meeting

The next DLA Bd. of Directors’ Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 17, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. in the Dumfries Fire Hall.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Morton



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  1. Fred Hughes

    What ever happened to Bill & Iris at the canteen? I remember walking over there along the lake to watch the most crummy movies on planet earth! But we loved it. The french fries. Oh they were so good. Cup after little cup of them, soaked with vinegar. And the walk back to the cove stumbling along, giggling and just being stupid little kids. Our flashlight going dim with each step until we arrived back at camp. My Nana would always be there waiting for me with a fresh batch of pop corn. With melted butter. What a beautiful little lake. I was probably 12-14 years old. Little did I know that in four or five years I would be in Vietnam spending many nights longing for that little lake. And those french fries!

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