Committee Minutes


Davidson Lake Association

Board of Directors’ Meeting

August 13, 2020


Arnie Wilkins, Claude Tremblay, Ken Donald, Aunden Rae, Lyle Saunders, Andy Morton, Mike Gardiner, Roger Schwartz, Janet Morton, John Prime

A Davidson Lake Association (DLA) Board of Directors’ Meeting was held on Thursday, August 13, 2020 at 7 p.m. at Ken Donald’s residence.

Approval of Minutes

Motion:  John moved that the minutes of the June 11, 2020 Board of Directors’ meeting be adopted as circulated.  Andy seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Water Quality

Arnie reported that some of the programs which were to take place this year with funds the New Brunswick Alliance of Lake Associations (NBALA) received from the Environmental Trust Fund are going ahead as planned but others are delayed due to COVID. 

  • The Plant Patrol program will not take place this summer. 
  • The NBALA still intends to purchase a mobile wash station which will enable boaters to clean their watercraft before entering the water (Clean, Drain & Dry). The initial target will be Bass tournaments.
  • A bathymetry study has been carried out on both Davidson and Yoho lakes, results are expected in the next few weeks. 
  • The new probe enables testing to be completed in half of the time previously taken.

Ken stated that the water temperature of the lake has not been too bad.  Water levels are down all across the region due to lake of rain.  The water level in our lake is down 12.7 cm since June 1st


Ken reported that there are some new cottage owners on the lake. 

Garbage/Recycle Sheds

Ken stated that there have been some bags of garbage have been placed in the recycle shed which the collector refused to accept and which he left outside.  They were then put in the garbage shed where they should have been placed initially.

The camera that was in place for 4 weekends and captured photos of some people coming out from along Rte. 102.  Discussion took place whether or not to post photo(s) of those who are not following the rules.

Another large item pickup will take place on August 28.

Secretarial Note:  Large item pickup has since been changed to Monday, August 31.

Crownland Protected Natural Area (PNA)

We will continue to monitor the situation.

Trail Projects

Our appreciation was expressed to John for donating a new picnic table which he, Ken and Andy placed along the trail. Andy has some old deck material that might be of use in replacing a wooden walkway.  This will be a project for next spring.


Claude stated that as of this date the road donations are down $500 from last year.  Some of the

canvassers stated that some people say they will do an e-transfer but don’t follow through. 

A grading has been scheduled for this fall, hopefully in early September, if we get some rain.   Some ditching still needs to be done and culverts need to be replaced.

A work day is scheduled for this Saturday morning (15 August) near the far end of Carlin Lane to do some cleanup of brush left behind from some tree cutting. 

Ken has been attempting to get replacement signs for Gillis and Loon lanes as well as for Clark and Scott Lanes.  Lack of signage could be a problem for first responders.  He will follow up with the fire dept.

New Business

New President – DLA continues to look for a new President.

Next Meeting

The next DLA Bd. of Directors’ Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 10 at 7:00 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Morton


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  1. Fred Hughes

    What ever happened to Bill & Iris at the canteen? I remember walking over there along the lake to watch the most crummy movies on planet earth! But we loved it. The french fries. Oh they were so good. Cup after little cup of them, soaked with vinegar. And the walk back to the cove stumbling along, giggling and just being stupid little kids. Our flashlight going dim with each step until we arrived back at camp. My Nana would always be there waiting for me with a fresh batch of pop corn. With melted butter. What a beautiful little lake. I was probably 12-14 years old. Little did I know that in four or five years I would be in Vietnam spending many nights longing for that little lake. And those french fries!

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