Does this committee address road conditions?

Yes. Presently our fundraising efforts contribute to the ongoing maintenance of the lake roads. The  Association concentrates on maintenance that take into consideration reducing any possible impacts t0 the environment around the lake, recognizing the need for an integrated approach to safeguard the watershed area and promote education on best practices.

Why was there a need for the formation of an association for Davidson Lake?

The association is a non-profit group of residents / volunteers who work together with public and private agencies to ensure the health of the air and water in the watershed area.

We are fortunate that we are not currently faced with any major issues around the lake such as clear cutting, pollution or invasions of foreign species or plants. By forming this association and being aware of the possible impacts of these and other issues, we will be in a better position to education residents on and around the lake to reduce any risk to our lake.  We are also a member of the New Brunswick Alliance of Lake Association.  This allows us to discuss concerns with seven lakes in the broader area and provide us with a united voice, should the need arise.

The continued good health of the Davidson Lake Watershed is a concern of all residents. To have a group of residents actively involved in this process can only prove beneficial for present and future generations who make their homes on or near the lake or who enjoy it during the summer months.

Who are the members, and what activities have been done to date?

In the fall of 2008, a group of interested individuals from different parts of the lake got together to discuss issues concerning the road maintenance and snow removal which lead to discussions on the water quality of the lake.

The current board members are elected every year at the Annual General Meeting, held in July.  Memberships for all residents and cottage owners can be purchased every year by contributing to our fundraising campaign.  Money can be donated to any of the board members, or through e-transfer at using the password Davidson.  Fundraising goes towards all of our initiatives around the lake including road maintenance, garbage shed maintenance, our membership to NBALA among other things.