Does this committee address road conditions?

Yes. Presently there are two separate road committees in place: the Carlin Road Committee for areas north of the Davidson Lake Road headed by Wayne Carnell; and the Sandy Cove Road Committee headed by Ken Donald, for areas South of the DavidsonLake road. At this time, it is not intended that the Davidson Lake Association replace these existing groups. The  Association concentrates on issues that may impact the environment around the lake such as air and water quality, recognizing the need for an integrated approach to safeguard the watershed area and promote education on best practices.

Why was there a need for the formation of an association for Davidson Lake?

The association is a non-profit group of residents / volunteers who work together with public and private agencies to ensure the health of the air and water in the watershed area.

We are fortunate that we are not currently faced with any major issues around the lake such as clear cutting, pollution or invasions of foreign species or plants. By forming this association and being aware of the possible impacts of these and other issues, we will be in a better position to speak with a united voice, should the need arise.

The continued good health of the Davidson Lake Watershed is a concern of all residents. To have a group of residents actively involved in this process can only prove beneficial for present and future generations who make their homes on or near the lake or who enjoy it during the summer months.

Who is initiating this process and what work has been done to get us to this point?

In the summer, fall of 2008, a group of interested individuals from different parts of the lake got together to discuss issues concerning the road maintenance and snow removal which lead to discussions on the water quality of the lake. As a result of discussions with the LSD Commission for Dumfries, MLA Carl Urquhart and others in the Department of Local Government it became clear that there really was no voice that could speak for all the residents (full & part-time) of the lake on issues. In fact part-time residents do not have a vote in any decisions as they are not permanent residents and for the most part vote in another riding. There was agreement that it was time to form a group or association that could best represent the collective interests of all the residents.

This group of individuals was expanded to try to include all of the geographic areas of the lake which are defined by access roads. This group was called the ” Davidson Lake Association Steering Committee” Members of that committee were:

Ken Donald, Andy Morton, Pam Hughes, Steven Stairs, Wayne Carnell, Denis McQuarrie, Lyle Saunders, Rolly Lagacy, Shyanne Pangburn, Jacques Leblanc, Aubrey Trail, Don Veysey, Bill Nason, Simon Dickinson and Arnie Wilkins.

Through the research of existing Lake Associations and in particular, near by Lake George, the committee gained much knowledge about the structure and function of such an association. A decision was made by this group to explore the idea of forming an association for the Davidson Lake Watershed area. It was decided to gather and print a newsletter and begin the process for forming an official association.

It was also decided that this information would be shared with:

  • residents of cottages and homes on Davidson Lake;
  • residents of cottages and homes on the Davidson Lake Road; and
  • residents of homes on Route 102 which passes by Davidson Lake.

This lead to a meeting where it was agreed that we would form the Davidson Lake Association, the election of a board of Directors and the creation of a constitution and the legal establishment of the Association.